LQR2W562MSEJBN-RichtekMilpitas, Calif.&#8212Linear Technology introduces the LTC2970, a dual I2 C power supply monitor and margining controller designed for digital management of power supplies in high-availability systems. The LTC2970 offers the best melding of digital and analog for digital power management. The I2 C digital interface, 14-bit ADC, highly accurate reference and current output DACs give digital power supply designers what they want: Digital control of an analog power supply. The LTC2970 works with most any power supply, allowing designers to choose the optimal DC/DC converter with an analog control loop that provides smooth control of the output voltage and fast transient response. An on-chip reference and 14-bit A/D converter ensure accurate measurements of supply voltages, load currents or temperature. Two voltage-buffered 8-bit DACs drive the supplies’ feedback nodes for improved accuracy or can be programmed by a slow, linear voltage servo to trim and margin the output voltages. This makes the LTC2970 useful in determining the sensitivity of the power supply during the prototype phase or in production to test for manufacturing variations.

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